Marine FC

Due to the number of requests from new fans of Marine Football Club, we have a launched a new scheme – Adopt Marine as your 2nd team – to support us on our journey over the coming years under the leadership of Neil Young
*Membership Costs just £14.99 per year*
This membership will entitle each person to an annual Marine e-postcard, a quarterly update from the club, 10% off all spend in our shop, free entry to Marine Football Club for 1 league game per season and a free pint with the CEO or Chairman when you arrive!
To join the membership club, click on the following link:
Marine FC fun facts:
  • Marine is a 125-year old local volunteer run community club
  • Marine FC had a Guinness world-record for the longest serving manager in world football (Roly Howard, who served for 33 years and retired in 2005)
  • Jason McAteer famously started his career at Marine but couldn’t get into the first team
  • Marine has a 3-sided stadium and numbers on the fence of the houses on the 4th side so the ball boys know which houses to knock on to collect the ball
  • Marine is one of few football clubs not named after the town – It is named after the local pub (The Marine – Which is still open today)