Adam Yates reports from the Project Solar Stadium…

Marine again went behind in the first half with too much to do against an impressive Hyde United as the Greater Manchester outfit registered their first win in front of a home midweek crowd.

Hyde United found their perfect start within the first minute (as well as their first goal from open play this season) when a ball from the wing reached Matthew Fearnley who was unmarked and had no problem heading past Felix Goddard.

However, Marine soon levelled the game with a cross of their own several minutes later.

Finlay Sinclair Smith battled for a corner and then proceeded to take the dead ball. His cross reached Louis White who was not unmarked but did outmatch his marker to equalise.

The following 20 minutes lacked much bite as neither side registered any goal threats although Hyde’s Makoli and Alessandra were giving Joe Ferguson and Carberry consistent problems.

On the stroke of Half time, Hyde went ahead once more.

Fearnley struck a dangerous direct free kick against the Marine’s defensive wall which broke ranks. The slight deflection from said wall gave Goddard late notice to parry successfully and the ball trickled in to give the Hyde striker his brace.

After the interval, Marine were soon down to 10 men after a straight red for the second time this month. Spittle was caught on the ball by Makoli who ran through on goal. Spittle denied the forward from advancing and received his marching orders which he didn’t dispute.

Marine immediately make a change, repairing the defensive wall via subbing Darius Osei and bringing on Nathan Woodthorpe.

Despite many further Hyde chances due to the reduced  amount of visitors on the field, Marine did arguably perform better due to the need for a response but were consistently caught in Hyde United counter attacks.

Dawson and Ditchfield had chances to put the game to bed but their shots went wide.

Finley Sinclair Smith was an ever present threat to the Hyde final third and linked with Louis White whilst Josh Wardle was doing his upmost to defend every 50-50 header and tackle.

Manager Neil Young threw Manasse Mampala on in the final 10 as Marine went for broke but the killer equaliser wasn’t to be found and Hyde came out 2-1 deserved winners.

Next Up – Marine have a real chance to catch up on the competition as they enjoy 2 home games in quick succession over the bank holiday weekend against Matlock and Basford.

Hyde United 2 (Matthew Fearnley (1′), (45′))

Marine 1 (Louis White (8′))

Hyde United: 1 Dan Atherton, 2 Harry Ditchfield, 3 Joel Amado, 4 Callum Spooner, 5 Aaron Fleming, 6 Bradley Roscoe, 7 Harry Bunn (Adam Dawson 68′), 8 Sonny Whittingham, 9 Lewis Alessandra, 10 Matthew Fearnley, 11 Antoine Makoli 

Subs: 12 Adam Dawson, 13 Jack Foster, 14 Ben Lowe, 15 Ryan White, 16 Fuad Kasali

Marine: 1 Felix Goddard, 2 Joseph Ferguson (Kyle Hayde 60′), 3 Michael Carberry (Manasse Mampala 86′), 4 Liam Nolan, 5 Jonathan Spittle 6 Josh Wardle, 7. Finlay Sinclair-Smith, 8 Louis White, 9 Darius Osei (Nathan Woodthorpe 50′), 10 Will Russ, 11 Jordan Lussey

Subs: 12 Owen Robinson, 14 Nathan Woodthorpe, 15 Kyle Hayde, 16 Manasse Mampala

Attendance 528

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