Marine in the Community’s growing capacity starts to reach further to explore different ways of meeting local need, as we continue to develop and thrive through 2021/22. This has never been more apparent with the demands faced by Covid and the support a community has needed during and after a time when many need support to recover and bounce back.

The burgeoning success of the charity could not have been without the historical involvement of more than 100 years of trusted community engagement by Marine Football Club. The establishment of Marine in the Community came about expressly because the football club wanted to build upon generations of community work through a formally recognised but independent entity with similar values. None of MITC services or activities could have taken place without the unstinting support of Marine FC Directors underpinning initial costs and offering in kind support, together with supporters and volunteers giving up their time and effort to make the different programmes work.

We believe our last twelve months have been an outstanding success in the most challenging times with the grant support we have received being the catalyst for change. We have learned that our beneficiaries want more of what we do. Through social interaction and their commitment, our volunteers have gained confidence and learned new skills. Also, reaching out across the wider community to support others, both individuals and organisations, to make positive change in our community and creating a better place.

Community Projects

• Community Café

• Walking Football

• Walking Group

• Free Lunch Delivery

• Community Garden

• Yoga

• Line Dancing

• Free Fitness sessions/ boot camp for under 25s

• Zoom IT Training including Zoom fitness classes, yoga and quizzes throughout the pandemic

• 4 Clubs 1 Goal Partnership with CrimeStoppers, Everton, Liverpool, and Tranmere

• Opening a Sports shop in partnership with Sports Traider and Merseyside Police

• Partnerships with Sefton Headway, Alzheimer’s, Mencap and much more.

Sports Coaching in Schools

• We are now delivering coaching in over 12 schools in the Sefton and North Liverpool area

• Employ 2 coaches (full time) which include some Marine U23 players, and 6 sessional coaches

• Coaching Football to boys and girls, multi sports and dance

• Able to offer free sessions to local schools

• Currently coach over 260 pupils

• FREE coaching in Primary Schools

• FREE Coaching in Secondary Schools for Girls

• 12 schools attending Marine Girls Football Tournament

• Multi Sports programmes and sports days

All this builds to an exciting future as MITC continue to build and support the great work of Marine Football Club off the pitch.

Graeme Gardiner

Community Director

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