Statement by James Leary, CEO of Marine Football Club:

In 2019 we launched a five-year plan to move Marine Football Club forward in all areas on and off the field. A crucial element of the plan was to future proof the potential upward movement of the club through the pyramid by removing the challenges posed at the current site.

Accordingly, two years ago we embarked on a project to progress with the build of a new stadium. Our ideal aim is to retain the current Marine Travel Arena as a community hub, but build a new purpose-built stadium to enhance community sports and recreation facilities in the local area. Having our current stadium facility with one of the few 3G pitches in the Crosby area is something we do not want to lose. This is however funding dependent. Marine Football Club is targeting the raising of £5m to complete the development of the new stadium. 

We identified 16 sites within the local area and explored each one to assess the feasibility from a planning and construction perspective. We have now reduced the 16 sites down to 3 potential locations.

Meanwhile, our progress on-the-field has evidently been staggering. We are now in a position where our attendances have increased to an all-time high. Our promotion means that not only are we expecting another step-change increase in attendances, but our need to remove the constraints that limit us as a football club has accelerated dramatically. 

To get to this stage has taken a lot of blood sweat and tears, meetings, phone calls. There has been a lot of excitement, frustration and learning.

We have had fantastic support from the Officers of Sefton Council. We are now at a critical stage where we are hoping to secure one of our land options over the coming months.

Everything we have done has been planned with clear timelines in mind. It is no coincidence that we extended Neil Young’s contract 12 months ago on a three-and-a-half-year contract. This allows us to progress with our stadium plans whilst ensuring maximum stability on-the-field during this important time for the football club. 

For everything we have achieved though in the last five years, it is nothing compared to the size of the task we have ahead of us with the stadium aims. The funding is key to making it happen along with getting agreement from the key people involved with us securing the land in the first place. 

Marine Football Club are looking for any people who can assist with the funding element through donations, investment, professional expertise, construction related companies. Anybody who knows of any resources or funds. Anybody who wants to get involved with the football club and help support the football club financially during what will be a huge period of excitement, growth and transformation. All the above people should get in touch with CEO James Leary by emailing for a confidential initial conversation.

A fuller announcement will be made once land has been secured along with a full fan and community consultation process including the showing of all plans.  

Any donations can also be made via the below crowdfunder link:

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