Club to object to proposal to site 20m mast and cabinets on College Road footpath

Marine AFC have seen details of a planning application made to Sefton Council for the siting of a 5G mast and equipment on the public footpath immediately outside the College Road boundary of the Marine Travel Arena – link here:

The club have had no prior notice or consultation of the proposed installation and have today formally objected to the proposal – we will also be making representations to Victoria Ward Councillors and our MP.

The proposed mast is a 20m (60 feet) high structure with 6 antennae and 2 satellite dishes – to give an indication of size this is as tall as the club’s floodlight masts which are located inside the boundary of the pitch.

This will have a significant safety effect on fans queuing for the College Road turnstiles as well as visually for visitors to the ground and function facilities, in addition to the general visual amenity of visitors to the College Road area.

There is an online form which local residents and businesses may submit comments, link here:

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