Pitching In Northern Premier League Marine, in line with clubs throughout the National League System (NLS), continues to support efforts to tackle anti-social fan behaviour.

The FA, in conjunction with all Leagues of the NLS are bringing in strong measures across the whole of football to tackle anti-social and criminal behaviours within grounds.

This includes entering the pitch without permission, carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros and throwing objects, as well as drug use and discriminatory behaviour.

Anyone who enters the pitch and those carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros will now be ejected from the ground and where systems allow, be automatically banned by their club.

Laurence Jones, Head of National League System at The FA said:

“Anti-social fan behaviour has no place in football and we stand united across the NLS and the rest of the game to send a strong message that such incidents will not be tolerated.

“The FA and the NLS Leagues are taking an all-football approach to tackling these behaviours to ensure all participants, including our loyal volunteers and spectators, are free to watch matches in a family friendly, inclusive and safe environment for all.

For the reference of all supporters, the Marine Travel Arena Ground Regulations can be found here;

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