Information for supporters attending Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup 1st Round tie…

Stadium Entry

Turnstiles open at 1.30pm – please arrive early to keep any delays to a minimum

All supporters MUST enter the stadium via the turnstile shown on their ticket; please have tickets available for inspection by Stewards:

Home Turnstile 1 & 2 (off College Road):

For Zone T3 (Jubilee Rd terrace)

For Zones T4,5,6 (Crosender Rd terraces)

Home Turnstile 5 & 6 (adjacent to 1894 Bar & Bistro main entrance):

For Zone T2 (College Rd terrace)

For Home Stand seating

Away Turnstile 4 (off main car park):

For Zone T1 (College Rd terrace)

 For Away Stand seating

Please note all supporters MUST remain in the stadium Zone or seat shown on their ticket. There will be no transfer around the stadium or readmittance.


1894 Bar & Bistro (accessed from main club car park outside stadium only) open all day to both sets of supporters.

Carlsberg Suite (accessed from home sections T3 (Jubilee Rd) and T4,5,6 (Crosender Rd)) only from 1.30pm.

Please note no alcohol may be brought into the stadium – there will be no temporary bars situated inside the stadium due to FA rules.


1894 Bar & Bistro and Carlsberg Suite will offer a pizza menu.

Pullman Jack’s will operate three food outlets inside the stadium:

Home – main snack kiosk behind stand and at Crosender Rd end

Away – in segregated section adjacent to turnstile entrance


Home Zone T2 and Stand – rear of stand

Home Zone T3 – Carlsberg Suite

Home Zones T4,5,6 – Crosender Rd

Away – located adjacent to Turnstile 4


52 page souvenir edition, £2.50

Available upon entry to the stadium

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