Marine President Dave Thompson’s wife Yasemin has updated us:

“Over 7weeks ago doctors told my family to prepare for the worst, as they believed I only had a few days to live.

I wasn’t having that so on 18 April I got out of bed and started a battle with my brain to stay in this world for as long as I can.

I am a 49 year old NHS worker, hoping to celebrate my 50th in July and until January this year I have enjoyed a wonderful life with my family and friends, travelling the world which opened my eyes to different tastes and cultures.

Since that day in April I have done as much as my body would allow me to do, revamping and enjoying the garden, daily shopping trips in my wheelchair and having meals out with my family (even though I can only eat a little) but best of all having garden parties with my crazy ‘bessie’ friends,  I am making the most of whatever time I have left.

I was originally diagnosed with a very rare eye Melanoma back in 2012 which was successfully treated with Proton Beam therapy, which left me partially blind, but alive.

In January this year after routine scans I was told the melanoma had metastasised to my liver and that it was terminal, as there were no treatments such as Immunotherapy or Chemosaturation therapy available to me as I had lost over 50% of my liver.

The lack of treatment options is due to limited research into this rare cancer, which I want to help change, so I am raising funds for OcuMel UK, a small charity that needs money to do more research into this rare form of cancer, which may give sufferers a better chance of beating this disease in the future.

Raising funds for research and creating awareness of this disease is giving me purpose and it is a way for me to say thank you, to those who have supported and looked after me over the years and to leave my small legacy behind. 

Please please if you can dig deep and help me achieve my lifetime goal of raising £20,000. 

We will also be auctioning items as displayed by the Chairmen of both Canterbury Rugby Club and Marine FC to raise funds the charity, details to be published shortly.


Thank you for your support,



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