Further to the recent statement issued by the FA and Northern Premier League regarding fan behaviour and pyrotechnics, Marine have now introduced measures to prevent banned items & substances from being brought into the Marine Travel Arena.

The likely consequences to the club in the event of pyrotechnics (flares, smoke bombs or fireworks) being set off could include a fine and possibly a points deduction, in addition to the safety risk to fans, players and stewards.

Measures to deter and prevent prohibited items include a sniffer dog (trained to detect pyrotechnics and drugs) and SIA trained stewards who are authorised to carry out searches if necessary.

Supporters are also reminded that alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the ground unless purchased from the club bars in non-glass containers.

A full CCTV system is also now in place inside the Marine Travel Arena.

These measures are taken to ensure the safety of all people attending matches at the MTA, and we trust supporters will understand the need to apply them fairly to all attendees.

The full Marine Travel Arena Ground Regulations can be found via the link below;

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